Geological Guide to Canberra Region

Geological Guide to Canberra Region

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Geological Society of Australia (ACT Division)
140 pages
19cm x 24.5cm

This geological guide seeks to answer some of the questions about the geological landscape evolution of the Canberra region with particular emphasis on the processes involved. Some questions that may be asked about the Canberra region include: How did the landscape of mountains and plains evolve? Why are the mountain ranges oriented north-south? How did the granites form? Did glaciers play a role in modifying the landscape? What rock types are there, how old are they and where did they come from? What mineral resources are there in the Canberra region? Is there any gold? Are there any fossils in the rocks?

These and many other questions are discussed in this geological guidebook to the Canberra region and Namadgi National Park. The book takes a journey through time typically measured in many millions of years, to explain the beginnings and history of this eastern part of the ancient continent of Australia. The book combines information from many areas of science including geology, tectonics, palaeontology, mining, and settlement history. It is a fascinating insight into the formation history of our region written in an interesting and informative manner. A unique book for Canberra that has been written by locals.

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