zBush Invaders of SE Australia

zBush Invaders of SE Australia

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Adam Muyt
304 pages
15.5cm x 23.5cm

Invaders of South-East Australia is a field guide for anyone who loves and cares about the Australian bush. Covering all of Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and much of South Australia and New South Wales, it allows the reader to identify the most serious environmental weeds in the region and offers comprehensive details on their control and removal.

This book is divided into two sections. The first defines the problems environmental weeds pose to the region's indigenous flora and fauna and details the principles and practices underlying their management and control. Information is provided about the main methods for controlling invasive plants including herbicide treatments, manual removal, woody weed control methods, fire, slashing, biological control and competition strategies. The second section comprises 93 environmental weed descriptions covering over 150 species, subspecies, varieties and hybrids. Each description presents diagnostic characteristics, ecological and biological information, specific control techniques as well as notes on indigenous species likely to be mistaken for the weed. As an identification aid, colour photographs accompany each description.

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