Deadly Beautiful

Deadly Beautiful

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Liana Joy Chrisyensen, Illustrations by Ian Faulkner
264 pages
14.5cm x 20.2cm

This entertaining book deals with an endlessly fascinating subject in a new, unique way. Humans have always had an ambivalent relationship with deadly animals. For most people they arouse fears and even phobias, yet perhaps the real risks are not quite as large as they loom in the public imagination. Deadly Beautiful offers an entertaining portrait of some of the main dangerous animal species with which humans have a love - hate relationship. Clear, up - to - date, scientifically accurate information about the natural history of these species is presented in a broadly accessible style, examining their day - to - day existence, how they have developed the weapons they possess and how they use them for defence, for hunting and for making love. Woven into the text are accounts of people's close encounters with deadly animals the good, the bad and the bizarre as well as stories from myth and legend that have contributed to modern perceptions. In addition, realistic risk assessments are included, often in a gently humorous way; for example, how likely you are to die in your bed than be killed by a shark. A beautiful illustration opens each chapter.

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