Kitchen Gardens of Aust PB

Kitchen Gardens of Aust PB

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Kate Herd
223 pages
24cm x 24.5cm

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, become more self-sufficient or just enjoy the unique taste of fresh produce, there has never been a better time to create a kitchen garden.

Join passionate designer and green-gardener Kate Herd on her journey around Australia to eighteen diverse kitchen gardens, from subtropical Queensland to the arid zone of central Australia, from the suburbs of Adelaide to the countryside of rural Victoria and Tasmania.

Some of the gardens belong to well-known personalities such as Leonie Norrington and Josh Byrne, While many are the creation of enthusiastic amateurs.  For each, Kate provides a detailed garden plan, a brief history of the garden, the people who tend it and a description of how they have overcome the challenges of difficult climates and soil types.  There are tips on innovative irrigation techniques, environmentally friendly pest management and how to create a garden from recycled objects, with an overall emphasis on sustainability.

With stunning photography by Simon Griffiths, Kitchen Gardens of Australia is as lovely as it is practical.  It is a book to inspire and motivate gardeners at all levels and a timely reminder that creating a beautiful, productive, sustainable kitchen garden is a labour of love and an act of 'inherent optimism'.

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