Manual Seed Saving

Manual Seed Saving

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Andrea Heistinger
283 pages
18.4cm x 26.4cm

Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs from seed has many benefits for both the gardener and the planet. Seed saving helps gardeners maintain important regional varieties that are well suited for specific conditions, encourages plant diversity, and helps promote plants with the best texture, flavour, and variety. The Manual of Seed Saving is an authoritative guide from experts around the globe.

Supported by research from the global conservation organizations Arche Noah and Pro Specie Rara, it features information on how to maximize seed quality and yield for more than 100 crop plants. It includes popular market plants like asparagus, carrots, corn, rhubarb, spinach, squash, and tomatoes. Plant profiles include critical information on pollination, isolation distances, cultivation, harvest, storage, and pests and diseases. The Manual of Seed Saving is an essential reference for all food producers including vegetable growers, market gardeners, and farmers.

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