Shaping a Nation Geology of Australia

Shaping a Nation Geology of Australia

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Geoscience Australia
571 pages
31cm x 26.5cm

Shaping a Nation: A Geology of Australia is the story of a continentIs geological evolution as seen through the lens of human impacts. Exploring the geology, resources and landscapes of Australia, the book reveals how these have helped to shape this nationIs society, environment and wealth. Presented in a refreshingly non-linear format, the book summarises much of what we know about this countryIs geological history, discussing the fossil record and evolution of life across the continent, describing its mineral and energy reserves, and revealing the significance of its coastal and groundwater systems.

The book also explores some of the challenges and opportunities presented by AustraliaIs rich geological heritage, and outlines the issues they present in Australian society today. Based on much of the latest science, the book reveals AustraliaIs expertise in the geosciences and reinforces the vital role they play in informing its present and future development.

In presenting the latest geoscientific knowledge, Shaping a Nation is vividly illustrated by technical drawings and figures and accompanied by stunning photography that reveals the extraordinary beauty of AustraliaIs geology and landscapes.

For the avid reader, an accompanying DVD hosts extensive appendices, including supplementary reading and reference material, maps, movies and an interactive 3D model showcasing many geoscience datasets.

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