Spineless Pest and Pals around the home

Spineless Pest and Pals around the home

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Bronwen Scott
250 pages
12.8cm x 18.7cm

Australian homes and backyards are abuzz with wildlife: possums in the roof, ants in the cupboards, frogs in the pond and spiders hanging from windows and racing across walls. There are ticks on the dog, fleas on the cat and nits in the children's hair. When the bandicoots are digging up the lawn, the cockatoos have peeled the flashing off the roof and a bird is trying to mate with the car window reach for Spineless, a useful little book that will help you identify the pests (and pals) that share your home and will show you how to cultivate the good guys while banishing those pesky or downright alarming house guests.

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