The Last Whale

The Last Whale

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Chris Pash
218 pages
15cm x 23cm

Jean-Paul Fortom-Gouin, aka the Phantom, is man on an anti-whaling mission who wangles his way onto the International Whaling Commission with a snappy suit and ticket from the Panamanian Government.

Ches Stubbs, Skipper of the whaling ship Cheynes III, is known for his long range skills with a harpoon. Just like Ahab, Ches loses a leg while whaling and, just like a pirate, sails with a pet cockatoo that happens to have a penchant for gnawing on naked toes.

These are just two of the real-life characters captured with heart and humour by Chris Pash in his story about the end of whaling in Australia. The book shows a town reliant on whaling dollars pitted against a determined band of international protesters.

Officially endorsed by Greenpeace International.

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