A Patch from Scratch

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A Patch from Scratch

This is a wonderfully inspiring book that takes us on a journey with Jesse and Lewis as they transform their suburban backyard into a productive, thriving fruit and vegie patch.  They dig, build, plant and grow (with a little help from their family and friends).  First they draw up some plans for the garden, then the chooks arrive, a chook pen is built, the new compost bin is installed, raised garden beds are constructed, seeds are bought at the local nursery and planting begins!  The children learn about gardens and plants and pests and weeds and so much more…and finally they invite everyone who helped them to build their patch from scratch, to come along to their backyard and enjoy a lovely feast together (and of course the menu features their own fresh fruit and vegies from the garden!).

‘An engaging book, with beautiful illustrations, that helps show children the joys of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal, delicious food in their own backyard’. (Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation)


Megan Forward

Soft cover

30 pages

Colour illustrations




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