The Bushwalk

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The Bushwalk

2012 - Reprinted 2016

Sandra Kendell

Paperback and Hardback

28 pages

Colour drawings

$19.95 and $26.95 respectively


‘The Bushwalk’ is like going on a real bushwalk but instead we are led on a walk through the beautifully illustrated pages of this book!  On the way we discover the eucalypts, hear a honeyeater, find a Rocket Frog, spy a Bearded Dragon, see a snake, surprise an echidna, startle some wallabies, learn about camouflage and disguises and finally we get to meet a Tawny Frogmouth and many other nocturnal animals.  The animals featured in Sandra Kendell’s ‘The Bushwalk’ are common across a wide range of habitats in Australia.  This book will suit primary aged children and each page also includes a little fact ‘box’ which provides further information about the animal or plant featured on that page.  Children are encouraged to look and listen and if they do, the bush will often reveal some pretty special surprises. 

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