The Weed Forager’s Handbook – A Guide To Edible And Medicinal Weeds In Australia

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The Weed Forager’s Handbook – A Guide To Edible And Medicinal Weeds In Australia

2012 - reprinted 2017

Adam Grubb & Annie Raser-Rowland


166 pages

Colour drawings and photographs


This popular little handbook is an essential text for both novice and experienced weed foragers.  Beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs and drawings, this book opens our eyes to the myriad of uses for those ‘pesky’ weeds in the garden… and just to prove things the authors have included some great recipes using some plants we may never have thought to serve up at the dinner table.  Just to tempt your tastebuds why not try… ‘Nettle Gnocchi’, ‘Purslane Yoghurt Dip’, ‘Weedy Frittata’ (which recommends inclusion of an array of weeds including dandelion, amaranth, mallow, plantain, sow thistle and wild brassica) and ‘Prickly Pear Pizza’.  Oh, and there is also a recipe for ‘weed tea’ but that is a brew designed to turn weeds into a liquid fertiliser for the garden!

The book has been well set out with an introductory piece looking at weeds in general, followed by notes of caution on poisonous weeds and other safety precautions.  Then the top 20 edible and medicinal weeds are listed with detailed notes on their history, distribution, growth, uses and identification.  Each plant is illustrated with photographs and drawings to help with their recognition and to clarify the useful parts.

With an enthusiastic foreword by Costa Georgiadis, this book really is an eye-opener to the world of weeds and how they can actually benefit us in our daily lives.

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