Getting Closer

Getting Closer

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Paul Sorrell
144 Pages
25.4cm x 25.4cm x 1.91cm

With Getting Closer to guide you, and a camera in hand, learn how to connect with nature by using a photographer’s eye.

Getting Closer is an illustrated discussion of photography as a way of achieving greater intimacy with the natural world. With a focus on birds, the book is directed primarily at photographers but also at birders, and people interested in the outdoors. The author offers a simple, practical path for readers to begin to ‘rewild’ themselves, introducing hands-on techniques that will enable readers to both deeply connect with their environment and become proficient wildlife photographers.

About the Author

Paul Sorrell took up photography in the early 2000s, giving him a new form of creative engagement with his longstanding interest in wildlife and the natural world. His images have featured in local, national and international wildlife photography competitions, and he has published online and print pieces for outlets ranging from airline magazines to Tourism New Zealand’s website and the School Journal. He has worked in the area of books and publishing since the 1980s, copy-editing, writing for academic and popular journals, and publishing four books about his home province of Otago with Penguin Random House.

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