Complete Guide to Australian Birds

Complete Guide to Australian Birds

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ISBN: 9780143787082
Pages 576
Size 165mm x 235mm

A compact and up-to-date photographic guide to Australia's birds from the author of Birdscaping Australian Gardens.

This book is the most up-to-date guide to Australian birds available. Written in everyday language, with crisp, brilliant digital images taken in the wild, this authoritative guide includes-
- The first entry and photograph of the previously believed extinct Night Parrot
- The recently recognised as a full specie Lesser Sooty Owl
- The Thick-billed Grasswren
- All seven species of Quail-thrush
- The Paperbark Flycatcher
- Rare photographs of the male Superb Lyrebird in courtship display
- The Bustard in courtship plumage
- The male Magnificent Riflebird in its courtship dance
- The first photograph of a nesting colony of Australian Swiftlets taken in a deep, dark cave in tropical Queensland . . . and much more.

Beyond a field guide, this book is divided into 27 chapters, with each chapter opening with fascinating background information. The easily accessible information on each bird includes- common and scientific names, size, description, behaviour, preferred habitat, feeding habits, voice, status and breeding. Distribution maps are arranged next to the photographic illustrations of the bird.

A binocular icon indicates 'hot spots' to find particular birds.

All wild birds that have been regularly recorded on the Australian mainland, Tasmania and offshore continental islands and oceans, including sub-species where the differences are recognisable in the field, have been included and photographed.

Features over 1400 photographs by some of Australia's best wildlife photographers, including Colin Cock, Michael Schmid, Eric Sohn Joo Tan, Duade Patton, John Anderson, Alwyn Simple, Peter Jacobs, Andrew Bell, Tony Ashton, Nolan Caldwell, Chris Wiley, Maureen Goninan, Marlene Lyelle and George Adams to name but a few.

This book will be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned 'birdos' alike.

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