Grasses of NSW 4th Edition

Grasses of NSW 4th Edition

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SWL Jacobs, RDB Whalley, DJB Wheeler
Spiral Bound
450 pages
23.5cm x 29.7cm

The intrinsic value of our native grasslands is increasingly more appreciated, not least because grasses are the basis of our grazing industries. Grasses of New South Wales, now in a fourth edition, is designed to assist in the identification of all the grasses growing in the State. This book now contains more than twice the information of the earlier versions. It has introductory chapters on many aspects of grass biology and the mysterious world of keys and botanical nomenclature. Species descriptions and more illustrations are important additions to the text, as are updated name changes and new records. The layout and language used has been carefully chosen in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This includes arranging genera and species alphabetically, and while technical terms cannot be avoided altogether, these are all fully explained in an extensive illustrated glossary.

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