Black Mountain - A Natural History of a Canberra Icon

Black Mountain - A Natural History of a Canberra Icon

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Ian Fraser, Rosemary Purdie
155 pages

Black Mountain: a natural history of a Canberra icon is a favorite of all who love this Canberra icon.

The Black Mountain nature reserve lies close to the centre of Canberra city. It is an excellent example of the original vegetation of the Canberra region.

Due to its special location near the city—close to the CSIRO and the Australian National University—Black Mountain has been researched like no other reserve in Australia. The scientists, naturalists and keen bushwalkers that live and work around the mountain have meticulously recorded and studied their favorite topics on the mountain.

This book tries to summarise much of this scientific knowledge.

The book discusses Black Mountain’s geological past and present, its soils, vegetation, plants and animals, and fire history, and also provides a large reference list to the research that has been consulted. There is also a discussion of the most popular walks on the mountain, where anyone can go and explore these natural riches by themselves.

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