Botanical Field Guide Aracaria

Botanical Field Guide Aracaria

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27cm x 19.5cm


The Botanical Field Guide offers in symbol and keyword format a substantial overview of the plant world.
Plants express life. They sustain the environment and feed humans and animals alike. For the conscious observer the plant becomes more than the sum of its parts. The plant can be experienced as an unfolding event that moves through the seasons from seed to leaf to flower to fruit and to seed again.
Make this comprehensive and robust guide your steady companion, wherever you live, in city or country. Use it to look for details, to classify, to reference, to compare and to remember keywords for later research. Very soon your eyes will become more discerning and your discoveries will be a richly satisfying source of inspiration. Living with, understanding and respecting the omnipresent processes of Nature by way of personal, direct observation will help us adapt to and cope with the environmental changes that inevitably lie ahead.

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