Creating an Australian Garden

Creating an Australian Garden

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Angus Stewart
255 pages
21.5cm x 28cm

Angus Stewart has worked for decades on selecting and breeding Australian plants to make them more gardener-friendly. Creating an Australian Garden not only passes on the knowledge gained from Angus's extensive experience as a plant breeder - it empowers us all to unlock the secrets of cleverly designed Australian gardens that provide year-round colour, vibrant foliage and havens for wildlife. Creating an Australian Garden contains practical tips on: planning a garden from scratch; adapting an existing garden; using water-saving methods; creating mounds and raised beds to ensure the drainage many Australian plants require; growing native plants in containers; choosing the best plants for your environment; easy-to-follow basics of soil preparation, and 450 of the best Australian plant varieties, including many that are newly released. Find out how to choose the ideal plants for your climate, or create a microclimate to accommodate the spectacular native plants you'd like to grow. See how versatile native plants can be, becoming part of any garden style you envisage for your backyard.
Most importantly, learn everything you need to know, from planning to planting, to allow you to create a stunning native garden, wherever you live.

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