Native Plant or Weed 1 Pick the Diff

Native Plant or Weed 1 Pick the Diff

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Ann Loughran
26 pages
21.5cm x 29.8cm

No matter where you are attempting to manage weeds in Australia, it is common for weeds and native plants to grow alongside each other or even intertwine. Sometimes there are native species that are easily mistaken for weeds and, "oops", they are removed! This book is set out to aid in the correct differentiation between weed and native plant. In order to distinguish between look-alikes, the picture of the plant material, mainly foliage, is at approximately life-size. By placing a plant specimen next to the image for comparison, a quick identification should result. The accompanying text is kept to an absolute minimum, using layman's terms wherever possible. After all, in most cases it is only necessary to distinguish between a native plant and a weed to manage the weed! Remember, if you are not sure about the identity of a plant when removing weeds, DON'T REMOVE IT!

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