A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia

A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia

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Cameron Webb, Stephen Doggett and Richard Russel
204 pages
14.9cm x 21.5cm

Mosquitoes are annoying, and can be deadly, but they can also be beautiful. A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia explores the biodiversity of this fascinating group of insects. It provides a pictorial guide to almost 100 mosquito species and includes notes on their biology, habitats and association with disease. They are found in almost every type of environment, from pristine wetlands to polluted drains and from coastal saltmarshes to snow melt streams.

Australia has a diverse range of mosquitoes and although relatively few pose a serious health risk, public health is an important issue. This book provides information on how to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease through tips on keeping your home free of mosquitoes and reducing their bites when you are out and about in the Australian environment.


High-quality colour photographs, with both adult and immature stages of most mosquito species presented
Distribution maps
Information on public health and protective measures against mosquito-borne diseases
Fascinating boxes with information on topics like why mosquitoes may bite you more than your friends.

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