Australian Baby Animals

Australian Baby Animals

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Frané Lessac
Board Book
32 Pages
18.1cm x 18.6cm x 1.7cm

A classic showcase of Australian baby animals and their families for very young children from a consummate author/illustrator.

With one animal baby featured on each double page spread, this colourful introduction to iconic Australian creatures groups them according to their baby names: joeys, hatchlings, fry, chicks, puggles, pups and platypups. The animals cover the full gamut of family groups: from marsupials to monotremes and reptiles to birds, Each baby animal is described by one line of text (in bold type). And there's a special additional fact for extra interest. Book Features:
An early companion to A is for Australia (a Notable Book for the 2016 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, CBCA Awards and Winner of the 2016 Crystal Kite Members Choice Award) and A is for Australian Animals.
A celebration of Australian baby animals and their special baby names.
Includes high interest facts and full colour illustrations of the rich diversity of animals throughout Australia, which every Australian child should know.

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