Growing Bromeliads

Growing Bromeliads

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The Bromeliad Society of Australia
135 pages
18cm x 24cm

These amazing plants with their dramatic foliage and highly coloured inflorescences, have soared in popularity over the past few years. They add drama and beauty to any tropical or sub_tropical garden, or to a balcony and indoor room in cooler climates. You don't have to be an expert to grow bromeliads, many species described in Growing Bromeliads are easy to grow. Whether an experienced enthusiast or complete novice, you will find everything you need to know to successfully grow these extraordinary plants. Growing Bromeliads describes how and where to grow over 200 species and hybrids, and details ten of the most popular genera with brief notes on the more unusual genera. Descriptions of the native habitats for each of the ten genera are given, enabling you to provide the right growing conditions for any of the species within these genera. The book gives an interesting overview of the Bromeliad family, including a brief history of Bromeliad cultivation. There are also separate chapters on how to propagate these wonderful plants and on their unique biology. All of this is written in straightforward language with scientific terminology kept to a minimum. This new updated Third Edition has been revised by experienced bromeliad growers, and includes ten new species, new chemical treatment for bromeliads, Australian hybrids and updated names.

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