History of the Blue Labyrinth

History of the Blue Labyrinth

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Bruce Cameron
352 pages
21.3cm x 30.2cm

THE BLUE LABYRINTH is the tract of land between the Blue Mountains townships of Wentworth Falls and Glenbrook, stretching south almost to the stored water of Warragamba Dam, and then east to the Nepean Gorge. It is part of the Blue Mountains National Park, which in total covers almost 216 000 hectares of mountain plateau between the coastal lowlands and the Great Dividing Range.

'This is a place forgotten to many, hovering vaguely on the edge of perception for some, known and loved by a few. But it was not always so. Thousands of years before the Blue Labyrinth was bypassed by suburbia, it was roamed by the first Australians: the land was a larder, a hardware store, a school, a cathedral and a home. In what seems to us today a difficult landscape, more than a thousand sites prove that Aboriginal people knew every rocky knoll, every pool, creek and crevice. The many strands of human endeavour explored in this book lie like morning mist across the maze of valleys, but add immeasurable layers of meaning to the beautiful, intriguing Blue Labyrinth. We desperately need such places for nourishment and renewal and redemption.' Ian Brown

'Bruce CameronIs book is a work of love. Its trove embraces the broad sweep of the Labyrinth. Not just as you would see laid out on a map: the prose hints at the butcherbirdIs song beyond the fence, and from that moment back, to ancient fl oods from melting ice that scoured distant lands long since displaced, laying down the matrix of sandstone at our feet. But the strength of BruceIs book lies in its sympathetic view of human movement across the Labyrinth, where black and white gain complex shades of meaning and interaction. Read this book and look up, find a place within the horizon it describes.' Tom Williams

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