Land of the Kangaroo People

Land of the Kangaroo People

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Percy Trezise
32 pages
21.1cm x 25.8cm

The Kadimakara children, Jadianta, Lande and Jalmor, are helping Wongabel to reach her home tribe, the Woomera people, but they have to pass through the Land of the Kangaroo People... and they are cannibals. Not only that, the Snake Men are probably still pursuing them, so after resting on an island to avoid a hunting group of Kangaroo people the children all move on.

It is Lasca who comes under threat next, when a marsupial wolf decides the young dingo would make a tasty breakfast. Lasca is not easy prey, however, as she knows instinctively how to evade the crushing jaws of the wolf. Lasca manages to get to the camp where the children see her coming, the wolf in pursuit, and together they kill it and save Lasca.

Crossing rivers and traversing the land with the Sister Stars as their guides, the children are getting close to the lands of the Woomera people, when a Kadaicha Man looking for the enemy the elders have decreed must be executed, sees the running children below his rock. He recognises Wongabel as the girl stolen from his tribe and then he spots the pursuing Snake Men... Kadaicha Man is able to fulfil his tribal mission and save the children's lives.

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