Numby the Numbat

Numby the Numbat

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Tim Faulkner
32 pages
25.3cm x 23cm

For every young numbat, a day does come when its time to leave home, their dad and their mum. When Numby heads out to find his own place, its a grand old adventure, a wild numbat chase!. An unforgettable book set in verse, this beautifully illustrated text tells the story of the Western Australian state faunal emblem - the numbat.

About the Author
Wrestling a saltwater crocodile, wrangling a deadly taipan and milking a funnel-web spider is all in a days work for Tim Faulkner! He could do all that and still find time to release a blue-tongue lizard, tag a wild platypus and save the Tasmanian devil from extinction! Tim is a Director and Head of Conservation at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, NSW, and The Devil Ark at Barrington Tops, NSW. Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year (2015), Tim features in numerous TV shows, including his own Wild Life of Tim Faulkner, showcasing Australian wildlife to the world. Tim developed a love for the Australian bush and wildlife at a young age. He is proud to be sharing these stories with children, with the hope they will feel the same love for native creatures.


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