Prehistoric Marine Life in Aust Inland

Prehistoric Marine Life in Aust Inland

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Danielle Clode
84 pages
19.1cm x 25.3cm

Step back to a time when AustraliaIs red centre was flooded by a vast shallow ocean, the Eromanga Sea. While dinosaurs stalked the scattered islands that made up the Australian continent, giant marine reptiles ruled the waves. Plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs swam in an inland sea filled with schools of ammonites, pterosaurs flew overhead and giant carnivorous amphibians lurked in the rivers. Prehistoric Marine, the third in the Museum Victoria Nature series, is a guide to the fauna of the Eromanga Sea and its coasts during the Cretaceous period.

This richly illustrated book brings to life yet another aspect of the fascinating world of AustraliaIs prehistoric past and provides an accessible introduction to some of the amazing fauna, geology and fossils found in this part of the world.

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