Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

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This book is the second in the beloved 'Stripey' adventure series.

Fluster the Corella is frantic. One of her eggs has fallen from her
nest. Stripey and Leggy want to help her, but before they can make
a plan, the egg begins to hatch. Soon the strangest creature any of
them have ever seen appears. It is definitely NOT a Corella chick.
Not a bird of any kind in fact.

However, birds are not the only creatures that lay eggs......
Join Stripey and his friends as their search for the funny little
grub takes them from Broken Springs to beyond the Black Stump.

A lovely gift for children, this engaging book features a number of
Australian animals and is beautifully illustrated.

Suitable for all ages, 2 years to adult.

Dimensions: 230 mm x 295 mm.

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