Botanical Painting With Coloured Pencils

Botanical Painting With Coloured Pencils

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Ann Swan
128 pages
23.5cm x 26.1cm

Water-soluble and oil-based coloured pencils are becoming increasingly popular as they are easier to use than traditional watercolour and are much more forgiving, yet they produce the same stunning effects. They are especially suitable for the accuracy needed to paint in the botanical style of illustration. In this book well-known botanical painter Ann Swan gives helpful advice on choosing the right materials and provides useful guidelines on getting to know your subject well before starting to paint. All aspects of working with coloured pencils for botanical illustration are covered, including the techniques you will need to master - especially underpainting, layering and burnishing - how to mix and build up colour, and how to add those finishing touches that will complete your painting successfully. Several full step-by-step demonstrations are included to show how these techniques are put into practice, including details highlighting specific points of interest. The book concludes with a gallery of coloured pencil works by the author, students of botanical painting and other professional botanical painters, providing a wonderful source of reference and inspiration.

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