Bonsai in Australia

Bonsai in Australia

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Dorothy and Vita Koreshoff
48 pages
13.9cm x 21.2cm

Vita Koreshoff has been growing Bonsai in Australia since 1932, four years after arriving from Manchuria where he was born. Having observed their gardener tend the Bonsai collection as a youth, he decided to start his own miniature trees in Brisbane, where he was living until 1948. Shortly after he moved to Sydney and married Dorothy in 1949. After their marriage, Dorothy's interest in Bonsai began to develop until eventually it became their most important hobby. Their Bonsai collection is the oldest in Australia, with the largest amount of exhibition quality trees. After Vita retired, they opened Bonsai (Koreshoff) Nursery so that they could spend all their time with Bonsai. Their eldest daughter Deborah, has spent three years writing a magnificent Bonsai book, and has travelled extensively both in Australia and overseas teaching and demonstrating. Ruslana, their youngest daughter, has assisted Deborah with classes, and works full time in the nursery. In 1976, their nursery became the authorised branch of the Nippon Bonsai Saikei Institute of Tokyo, Japan.

This book provides all the basic knowledge needed to grow Bonsai in Australia. It is perfect for beginners.

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