Bountiful Bonsai

Bountiful Bonsai

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Richard Bender
218 pages
15.2cm x 23cm

Bonsai,the Japanese art of training plants to form elegant sculptures,is an age-old craft that appeals to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Bountiful Bonsai presents a radical new approach that applies bonsai techniques to everyday container gardening, instantly turning houseplants and herbs into beautiful and unusual bonsai sculptures.

Bonsai expert Richard Bender not only expects his plants to look good but to yield pleasant fragrances, fresh herbs and fruits for his table. He shows readers how to create "instant bonsai" by shaping a range of common house plants, including:
Fragrant hibiscus and jasmine
Kitchen herbs such as rosemary and thyme
Luscious fruits like cherries and oranges
Medicinals such as tea tree and camphor laurel

This beautifully illustrated volume provides all the information you need to get started, from plant choice advice to care requirements and bonsai "carving" tips. Suitable for indoor gardening, or shaping exquisite bonsai fruit trees for outside gardens, Bender turns a finicky art into a hobby accessible to all. Bonsai have graced Japanese homes for centuries, now they can yield useful crops that will simultaneously satisfy your artistic sensibility and also provide some wonderful meals.

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