Wild Nature - Walking Australias South East Forests

Wild Nature - Walking Australias South East Forests

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John Blay
336 pages
23.4cm x 15.3cm

An epic journey of discovery into the heart of a vast and contested Australian wilderness.

John Blay laces up his walking boots and goes bush to explore Australia’s rugged south east forests – stretching from Canberra to the coast and on to Wilsons Promontory in a great circle from his one-time home near Bermagui.

In Wild Nature, the bestselling author of On Track charts the forests’ shared history, their natural history, the forest wars, the establishment of the South East Forests National Park and the threats that continue to dog their existence, including devastating bushfires. Along the way Blay asks the big questions. What do we really know about these wild forests? How did the forests come to be the way they are? What is the importance of wild nature to our civilisation?

About the Author

John Blay is a writer, naturalist and walker. Since 2001, the south-east forests of New South Wales have been the focus of his work, often in association with local Aboriginal communities. He is the author of the bestselling On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way(NewSouth).

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