FG Orchids of the ACT

FG Orchids of the ACT

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David L Jones, Jean Egan and Tony Wood
288 pages
12.1cm x 20.9cm

A high quality, comprehensive guide to native orchid species of the Australian Capital
Territory. Principal author David Jones is a respected authority on Australian orchids.
He has made a special study of the orchids of the local region, describing many new
species. This book contains excellent colour photographs, large botanical illustrations
and full descriptions of the 121 species found in the ACT. Specific local distribution notes
will aid the ACT orchid hunter.

Broader distribution notes for Australia and overseas will assist those looking for orchids
in similar habitats elsewhere.

Additional features include a distribution map, glossary and notes on understanding orchids,
their habitats and reproduction. Cross-referencing of previous and current nomenclature is
particularly useful.

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