An Uncertain Future

An Uncertain Future

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An Uncertain Future - Australian Birdlife in Danger

Geoffrey Maslen

'MaslenIs book is a clarion call for AustraliaIs brilliant but disappearing birds.' Bob Brown, former Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens.

In An Uncertain Future, Geoffrey Maslen takes us into the fascinating lives of Australian birds, showing us how intelligent they are, the significant threats they face due to disappearing habitats and climate change and how essential these angels of the air are to our own survival. Soaring through the skies, light as the air itself, birds are the closest creatures we have to angels on the planet. They bring song and beauty to our lives, and they play a significant role in sustaining EarthIs ecosystems. But birds are also facing the threat of extinction. Drawing on numerous interviews with researchers and biologists studying birdlife in Australia and dozens of scientific reports from around the world, Maslen reveals a dire picture of what plummeting bird populations means for humanity.

304 pages
July 2017

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