Bonsai Its Art History Science

Bonsai Its Art History Science

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Deborah R Koreshoff
255 pages
21cm x 29.7cm

Deborah Koreshoff born in 1957 was brought up amidst Bonsai, which was one of her father's major ways of expressing his artistic talents. She started her own Bonsai collection at seven years of age, and this collection still continues to be refined and occasionally added to. Deborah started lecturing at the age of 14 at local clubs and then throughout Australia. After graduating from University with an Arts degree, she spent the next three years writing and illustrating her book "Bonsai its Art, Science, History and Philosophy". In 1980, Deborah was invited as a lecturer to Bonsai Club International Convention in Hawaii. Since then she has lectured and done workshops a number of times in America, also twice in Europe and once in Africa. Deborah's book has now been reprinted nine times, and promises to remain as one of the most authoritative boks on the subject of Bonsai.

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