Field Guide to Mammals of Australia

Field Guide to Mammals of Australia

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Peter Menkhorst and Frank Knight
274 pages
16.3cm x 23.5cm

This fully revised and updated edition of A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia is the only comprehensive guide to identifying all 382 species of mammals known in Australia. This book provides concise and accurate details of the appearance, diagnostic features, distribution, habitat, and key behavioural characteristics of all mammals known to have occurred in Australia or its waters since the time of European settlement. Each double-page spread provides all the information needed to identify an animal, a full-colour illustration of the entire animal, a smaller diagram of diagnostic features, a distribution map, and species description and measurements, including details of how to differentiate between similar species.

Identification keys are provided for groups that are difficult to identify to species level, including keys to the genera of small marsupials, rodents, and bats, and all marine mammals likely to be washed on to an Australian beach: whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, and the Dugong.

Designed for either outdoor identification or armchair reference, A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia is the indispensable companion for anyone interested in Australian mammals.

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