Plant Protection III Selected Ornamental

Plant Protection III Selected Ornamental

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Ruth Kerruish
700 pages
20.8cm x 29.2cm

A useful reference work for those involved in horticulture, this book provides a knowledge of the diseases and pests affecting particular plants, allowing the preparation and following of pest management systems to be followed. It describes the diseases and pests of more than 150 species of plants which are prone to problems or are important commercial and horticultural species. Plants include annuals, Australian native plants, bonsai, bromeliads, bulbs, cacti, ferns, fruit and nuts, greenhouse and nursery plants, herbs, orchids, palms, roses, trees and shrubs, turfgrasses and vegetables. Descriptions of diseases and pests that occur in compost, containers, hydroponic systems, manure, mulches, plant tissue culture, postharvest, potting mixes, seedlings, seeds, soil, urban bushland, urban landscapes, water, water plants and xeriscapes are also included.

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